February 2015 Round-up (Other)

Movies watched:

  • Whiplash (2014): I didn’t actually think I would like this, because I was not super interested in watching 100 minutes of macho posturing. But yeah, fine, the popular consensus is correct and Whiplash is pretty good. I do think the scenes that focus on Andrew’s sort of cold ambition (like the family dinner or the break-up) were much more interesting than the more generic “terrible authority figure berates men by comparing them to women and/or calling them gay” scenes.
  • John Wick (2014): This was my 26th Keanu Reeves movie and it did not disappoint. So yes, it used pretty much every action movie cliché ever, but it totally relished in them to the point that it seemed intentional, like “just look how fucking cool John Wick is walking away from explosions and bleeding in the rain.” And the placement of subtitles was really interesting (slightly tacky, but it definitely played into the video game feel of everything). One should probably do a double feature of this and The Guest.
  • A Single Man (2009): Solid capital-F Film. Very beautifully shot/edited. Matthew Goode was attractive. I definitely cried.
  • Dear White People (2014): I feel like it would work better as a TV show or web series; the pacing for the overall plot and individual character arcs didn’t feel quite right for a 108-minute movie. But the writing and editing is pretty clever, so it’s still fun to watch. And Tessa Thompson’s wardrobe is amazing. (If you want to read about its Cultural Significance, there are plenty of think-pieces elsewhere. I am not really qualified to comment.)

This playlist (not as good as January’s, but whatever):

Some fashion:

Also I bought this dress:


Feeling pretty good about it. Do we think the design is a (somewhat altered) image of the Catherine Palace? (I am pretty sure it is, but not 100%, and the product description didn’t mention it at all.)


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