I Love Penny Dreadful and Penny Dreadful Loves Me

Sunday’s episode1 of Penny Dreadful was so excellent that I just felt an irrepressible need to break from the regular format of this blog and incoherently ramble about it. Penny Dreadful in general is excellent; it is definitely one of those shows where I feel like I am the exact target demographic, like this show wants me, [name redacted] of [location redacted], to be happy. But how great was this episode? Well, on Monday, alone in my room, I found myself grinning just remembering some of the scenes from it, and dear reader, I do not grin lightly.

Sunday’s episode of Penny Dreadful was largely about FASHION2. I mean, that’s totally reductive: when we say FASHION, we really mean, the Significance of Appearances3 in Victorian Society and, You Know, Gender Stuff. But we cannot emphasize the FASHION part enough, because on Sunday’s episode of Penny Dreadful:

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April 2015 Media Round-up (TV)

Shows I kept current with: Barely Famous, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Childrens Hospital, Daredevil, Elementary, Game of Thrones, Inside Amy Schumer, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Mad Men, New Girl, Orphan Black, Other Space, Outlander, Shameless, Silicon Valley, Sirens (US), The Americans, The Flash, The Good Wife, Veep

Shows dropped: One Big Happy, because it was super hackneyed and not even lesbian Elisha Cuthbert could make up for that; it appears that it just got cancelled after 6 episodes, anyway.

Shows on probation (not caught up, but may revisit when super bored): Community, The Last Man on Earth, Weird Loners

Rewatched: various episodes of Mad Men—at first just S07E07 to prepare for the season 7b premiere, but then S01E01, S04E09, and S05E01 because I remembered how much I enjoy Mad Men. 


Some shows with season finales in April:

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A Lot of Feelings about Avengers: Age of Ultron and a (Totally Not) Definitive Ranking of the MCU

In which I have opinions about Avengers: Age of Ultron that simply could not wait for the May 2015 Media Round-up (Movies)

I went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron Friday afternoon to try to get ahead of the hype and avoid being swayed by the opinions that will presumably be all over social media this weekend, but I think Tumblr still somehow managed to prime me to dislike it. So there’s a chance it will improve on rewatch in a few years, but it might just not be that good of a movie. Spoilers abound:

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