July 2015 Round-up (Other)


Shows I kept current with: Hannibal, Humans, Inside Amy Schumer, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Mr. Robot, My Mad Fat Diary, Not Safe for Work, Penny Dreadful, Review, UnREAL

Pilots tried: Copper, Dead Like Me, Dead Set, Why? With Hannibal Buress

Non-current shows: Gilmore Girls (season 5, episodes 2-22; season 6, episode 1), Lost Girl (season 1, episodes 8-13; season 2, episode 1)

Rewatched: Daredevil (season 1, episodes 1-2), Hannibal (season 3, episodes 1-9), Orphan Black (season 3)

No official TV post for July, because I don’t think there was anything that I really wanted to discuss at length—a lot of the more noteworthy shows had season finales in August, so I’ll probably discuss them in the August TV round-up.

At some point we may want to go back and analyze Rory Gilmore’s anti-hero arc, because man, that is a thing that I did not notice as a kid watching Gilmore Girls. I remember blaming Logan for influencing Rory to steal the yacht and drop out of Yale, but no, it turns out that that’s totally on her; she’s so used to being the golden child (to her mother, to her grandparents, to Star’s Hollow, to Chilton) that she’s never had to develop any coping mechanisms for dealing with criticism and failure.

Once Rory goes off to Yale, we start seeing this pattern emerge where she just cannot deal with things not going her way and ends up just fucking spiraling and making some really unsympathetic decisions—sometimes this means paying a random dude $20 to stay away from your favorite study spot on the quad because you couldn’t possibly just find somewhere else and sometimes this means sleeping with your married ex-boyfriend for a lot of reasons that can probably be summed up as not adapting to college life as well as everyone expected. (Note that Rory and Dean’s renewed intimacy in season 4 starts when she turns to him for comfort after unexpectedly failing on a paper and being advised to drop the course).

And so when Logan’s father tells her that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist, Rory’s response is to steal a yacht and drop out of Yale—because what’s the point of getting a college degree if (according to this one old guy) she won’t be able to pursue her childhood dream—and like…wow. I hate it and I kind of hate Rory, but now that I’ve actually seen all of the episodes, in order, leading to that decision, I totally buy it. And I think Rory is more complex and, well, unlikable than one would expect from a fresh-faced WB protagonist, so good on you, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

(I know that seems like enough text to be its own post, but dude, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to analyze.)


Gilmore Guys: episodes 105-115, 411-415

This playlist:

Clothing acquired:

Clockwise from top left: The Furies tank, The Furies tee, Uniqlo blouse, jacket from Nordstrom Rack, shirt from Nordstrom Rack (no link), shoes from Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic Factory outlet shirt (no link), LOFT skirt

Beautiful fashion:

Books purchased:

  • Girlfriend in a Coma, Douglas Coupland
  • Microserfs, Douglas Coupland
  • Worst. Person. Ever, Douglas Coupland
  • Hannibal, Thomas Harris
  • A Map of Betrayal, Ha Jin
  • Darcy’s Utopia, Fay Weldon
  • Filth, Irvine Welsh
  • Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh

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