August 2015 Media Round-up (Books)


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August 2015 Media Round-up (TV)

Non-current TV: CatastropheEmpireHibike! EuphoniumThe Great British Bake Off (season 4, episodes 1-4), Threesome

Shows I kept current with: Blunt Talk, Hannibal, Humans, Masters of Sex, Mr. Robot, Not Safe for Work, Playing House, Review, The Great British Bake Off, UnREAL

Pilots tried: Brotherhood, Difficult People, Raised by Wolves, The Devil is a Part-Timer (may continue), X Company (may continue)

Rewatched: Bakemonogatari, Gilmore Girls (season 6, episode 4), Hannibal (season 3, episodes 10-13), Hibike! Euphonium (season 1, episodes 8-13), Nisemonogatari (episodes 1-7)

Other: From Dusk Till Dawn (season 2, episode 1—enjoyed season 1, but based on the season 2 premiere, will not be keeping up with this show), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (season 2, episodes 3 and 5—out of curiousity after seeing Guy Ritchie movie, may or may not watch more)


Things of note (almost entirely Hibike! Euphonium):

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