September 2015 Round-up (Other)

This playlist:

Okay, this is literally just three Ricky Martin songs. Sorry, guys. I tried.


New section! I was inspired by The Great British Bake-Off and also unemployment. I haven’t really figured out how to plate and photograph baked goods, like, at all.

Flourless chocolate cake with orange-chocolate ganache
Flourless chocolate cake with orange-chocolate ganache

Cake recipe from Epicurious.
Ganache recipe from—halved this, but still had a fair amount left over.
Tasted awesome; no notes.

Pear cake
Pear cake

Cake recipe from Chocolate & Zucchini:

  • Used 3 Bartlett pears that were all pretty hard (did not think this would matter because baking?); chopped into approximately 1″x1″x1″ cubes
  • Could not find almond flour/meal so got blanched slivered almonds and chopped those up a bit by hand (no food processor ;_;)
  • Was not sure what to do with the sea salt, so sprinkled it over pears before adding on batter?
  • Used 9-inch rather than 8-inch pan; baked 40 minutes

This wasn’t bad, but it was pretty boring and we actually had to remind ourselves to eat it, which is so not the case for most baked goods. Notes for the future:

  • Use softer pears and chop into smaller chunks
  • Add some cinnamon?
  • Do some sort of sauce or drizzle—white chocolate ganache? Something with honey?
  • Blackberries??? Raspberries???
Chocolate chip banana bread
Chocolate chip banana bread

Banana Bread Cockaigne from Joy of Cooking, because of course. Added some semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Almost definitely under-baked this, but that’s kind of a non-issue for banana bread, I think?

Clothes bought:

These delightful sweatpants. Purely for lounge-wear and not to be worn out in public, probably, but still, I am delighted.



Art acquired:

Fuck yeahhhhh.

The Witch-King of Angmar, Alan Brown
The Witch-King of Angmar, Alan Brown

I did not realize this wast Lord of the Rings fanart when I bought it, because I am apparently not a real nerd, but the fact that it is just makes me love it even more, so, yay!

Books acquired:

  • A Room with a View, E. M. Forster
  • Where Angels Fear to Tread, E. M. Forster
  • A Separate Peace, John Knowles
  • Straight Man, Richard Russo
  • On Beauty, Zadie Smith

Some solid Bryan Fuller interviews wrt the Hannibal season (but hopefully not series) finale:

These maybe should have gone in August’s round-up. Oops. Still, Bryan Fuller is great and the beginning of September was very much spent bathing in tragic canon Hannigram feels.

  • On HitFix‘Hannibal’ creator: ‘I wanted to be sure we had an ending for the story’
  • On GrantlandQ&A: Bryan Fuller on the End (for Now) of ‘Hannibal,’ the Future of Broadcast TV, and His Plans for Clarice Starling
  • On Digital SpyHannibal: Bryan Fuller talks season 4, sexual fluidity, and how Will became Clarice Starling

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