December 2015 Round-up (Other)

Leftover December movies:

Macbeth (2015)

Definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing movies I’ve ever seen; basically every single frame is composed so fucking beautifully, and there are of course the sets and costumes and the battle scenes with the layers of silhouettes and slo-mo blood splatters. That said, did I actually enjoy Macbeth? Well, that ultimately comes down to my complicated feelings about Shakespeare, and without going to deep into that, basically: can we just admit that no matter how good the staging and acting may be, Shakespeare’s plays are semi-incomprehensible if you haven’t already studied them in a class? I didn’t have to read Macbeth in high school, so while I more or less got the plot, based on what I already knew from pop culture and what actually occurs onscreen, the dialogue was mostly lost on me. Because it is like watching a movie in a language that you’re only partially fluent in—even if you understand most of the individual words and can get context from the visuals, you have to spend a lot of mental effort performing a sort of on-the-fly translation of the dialogue, which sort of devalues the experience and is probably not how the creators intended the movie to be consumed.

Zodiac (2007)

Sure, fine.

Ex Machina (2015) 2nd time

Still great. In fact, I maybe under-rated it the first time.

Sleeping with Other People (2015)

Probably not super memorable, but pleasant to watch and funny enough.

The Big Short (2015)

Sure, fine. Well, okay, I did not think the documentary-style photo montages really added much to it, and despite Margot Robbie in a bubble bath trying to explain it to me, I still don’t totally understand/care enough to look up the economic shit going on in the background here. I did like the fourth-wall breaking narration—I also enjoyed that aspect of House of Lies, although it was not enough to make me watch one season of the show.


This playlist:



Chocolate yogurt cake:

  • Recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
  • I had way too much plain yogurt left over from the pear gingerbread cake, so: this. I usually don’t like the combination of chocolate/yogurt flavor, but I think in this case the tanginess of the yogurt doesn’t come through too strongly and the resulting texture of the cake is just so fucking good. Will definitely make again.


Clothing acquired:

The most delightful shirt from the ASOS men’s department:


I can’t decide if this is Harry Styles cosplay or Will Graham in Manhunter cosplay, but either way: delightful.

Also, some more practical items:

Clockwise from top-left: Jacket (French Connection by way of ASOS), pants (Gap), black sweater (LOFT), maroon sweater (LOFT)


I probably now have enough business casual clothes that I can safely implement my new resolution for future clothing purchases: if you are already considering buying a garment (i.e. taking it as a given that you like it, the price is reasonable, and it’s comfortable/flattering/whatever you value at the time), you should only actually buy it if you could see it being worn by at least one member of the set {Keith Richards, Adam Ant, Noel Fielding, Harry Styles}.


Books acquired:

  • Moby Dick, Herman Melville (yeah, who knows if this will ever actually get read)

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