January 2016 Round-up (Other)

This playlist:

I feel like I need to make it clear that all of the David Bowie on here was added pre-death and is not an “omg I’m going to really publicly and purposely/inorganically grieve the death of this celebrity” thing. It was more of a “shit, there’s nothing I especially want to listen to at the moment, I guess I have the full Bowie discography in my iTunes, let’s play through that until something hits us” thing. And now I feel like I need to make it clear why I’m being so defensive about that, so:

(Somewhat briefly) on celebrity deaths and the performance of grief

The only celebrity death I actually felt something about was Harris Wittels, because

  1.  Dude was only 30 and I really wanted to see him get bigger and do more things. Like, how many potential sitcoms did he have in him? Who knows. Certainly, based on that one episode of You Made It Weird in which he spoke super candidly and hilariously about his experiences with heroin, it seemed possible that he would remain clean and eventually produce an edgy autobiographical sitcom for HBO or FX or Comedy Central, as one does.
  2.  When you listen to someone talk essentially as themselves on hours of podcasts (specifically, Analyze Phish), you in some sense feel like you know them more than you do for celebrities that you only know through music/movies/etc. and maybe some talk show banter/interview soundbites. And especially because of the Phish thing, there was a real possibility that you might just run into this dude at a Phish show.

Even so, I didn’t post about it on social media (well, until now), because…that’s not the relationship that I have with social media.

Anyway, David Bowie? I mean, he’s one of my favorite musicians, but I essentially got everything I could need from him in terms of artistic output with The Man Who Sold the World (not that his other output is at all deficient, just that that album is so fucking good). Yeah, Blackstar was released right before his death, so he clearly still had more in him and it would have been cool to potentially see him show up in a hypothetical Hannibal Season 4, but, like: he’s done enough. And apart from that, well, I don’t really get being emotionally affected by the death of someone who you don’t actually know at all; because celebrities aren’t people, they’re just characters, and it doesn’t make sense to me to mourn the death of fictional characters using the same emotional reserves you would use to mourn the death of someone you know. And maybe the secret is that all of the people obnoxiously expressing their grief on Facebook or wherever aren’t actually that sad at all–they’re just trying to show that they’re culturally savvy/up to date on current events/emotionally deep/whatever. Maybe that’s what’s so irksome. I don’t know.



Pear and Hazelnut Muffins:

  • Recipe from Smitten Kitchen
  • Forgot to sprinkle hazelnuts on top of the muffins after pouring the batter into the cups, but that’s probably for the best, as I’m not actually a nut person.
  • Used Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips instead of the (optional) bittersweet chocolate chunks, which…seems legit.
  • Ultimately: Not quite as pear-y as I’d hoped; instead very reminiscent of the Trader Joe’s carrot cake cupcakes, despite not having any carrots? Maybe it’s the nutmeg? Still good muffins, but perhaps I’d use more pear (or a more flavorful type of pear? Is that a thing? I used Bosc pears.) next time.

Whole Wheat Apple Muffins

  • Recipe also from Smitten Kitchen
  • Used Red Delicious apples.
  • Holy shit, these muffins. YES.


Clothes acquired:

For the cubicle goth collection:

ASOS sweater
Y.A.S. blazer (via ASOS)
Dr Martens Chelsea boots (via ASOS)

Fuck yeah, business casual Doc Martens. These came just in time for the major January blizzard and are maybe the most practical yet still awesome purchase I have ever made.


Books acquired:

  • Arctic Summer, Damon Galgut
  • Agent 6, Tom Rob Smith (this is apparently the third book in the Child 44 trilogy and I meant to get the first book, but it doesn’t seem worth exchanging it, since what if I read the first book and really like it?)
  • The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 1: The Faust Act, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie
  • The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 2: Fandemonium, Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie


Some beautiful fashion:



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