December 2016 Other

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Made this banana bread–I usually go for Joy of Cooking’s Banana Bread Cockaigne, but I had some buttermilk that needed using up. Changed the recipe by only using two bananas, whole wheat flour, no rum, and no decorative banana on top (all changes due to pantry limits and not, like, any sort of baking intuition). Also added Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips, because: of course. The loaf was super tall and beautiful when it came out of the oven (with a very appealing top & crack) but ended up caving in massively as it cooled off. The result is maybe sort of underbaked and more akin to banana bread pudding than banana bread, but still tasty?

Clothes acquired

Les Bohemiens sweatshirt (via YOOX)
Just Cavalli sweater (via YOOX)


Diesel jacket


Fell down the Russian street fashion rabbit hole, and well, we probably shouldn’t try ordering things from Russian websites (sketchy internet policies aside, my Russian just isn’t quite good enough to feel confident about navigating these and one prefers to avoid international shipping fees whenever possible), but man are we tempted. SO MUCH AESTHETIC:

Also, keeping this here as a reminder to myself that this list exists and may be semi-worthwhile to look at again:


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