June 2017 Other

This playlist:


Can’t be bothered to make a separate post for this.

Current: 8 out of 10 Cats, American Gods, Animal Kingdom, GLOW, iZombie, Orphan Black, Playing House, Preacher, Taskmaster, The 100, The Graham Norton Show, The Handmaid’s Tale, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Veep

Non-current: Lovesick, Queer as Folk

Pilots tried: Ackley Bridge, Claws, Fargo (season 3), Gypsy, Lucifer, The Expanse, W1A

  • GLOW was amazing
  • I really don’t like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and yet I can’t stop myself from watching–the power of the half-hour sitcom compels me. I definitely intended to break with it after the second season, but somehow found myself watching this season and…yeah. All of my issues with the show are still there (it’s too fucking broad, mainly–whyyyy do we spend so much time on Carol Kane’s character)
  • Man, Queer as Folk is fascinating as an anthropological document. Have flip-phones been featured as heavily in any other TV show? I feel like a lot of shows were still using landlines in 1999, but I was also barely conscious of non-animated TV at the time, so hard to say. Mostly it just makes you think: man, how much of this show would even still exist, plot-wise, in the post-Grindr world? And also, man, how is Aidan Gillen more punchable here than he is in Game of Thrones? (But Jesus, every long, silent shot focused on Gillen’s “brooding” face was somehow just repulsive. )



  • Grapefruit drizzle cake
    • Used the Mary Berry lemon drizzle cake recipe, but substituted 1 grapefruit for the 2 lemons (for the drizzle, measured out 1/2 cup of the resulting grapefruit juice, which was almost all of it and seemed to work well); as before, 9×9 inch pan and oven @ 325 degrees
  • Pear/raspberry/caramel muffins
    • I’ve been making these pretty regularly without documenting them here, using the whole wheat apple muffin recipe and substituting some amount of pears, raspberry, and butterscotch chips for the apples. Anyway, wanted to test out Ghirardelli’s new caramel baking chips (which are delicious eaten on their own–like the filling of the Milka Chocolate Creme bars, which I adore but am apparently too cheap to pay for at World Market, especially when there are Kinder bars right there–it might be the same volume of chocolate for the same price, but somehow the Kinder bars feel like more.)
    • Anyway, 2 red pears/1 thing (6 oz?) of raspberries/~6 oz caramel chips instead of the 2 apples; no brown sugar on top (because I ran out of brown sugar)


  • Blueberry Lemon Sour Cream bread
    • Used this recipe
    • Baked for probably 70+ minutes and still underbaked at the bottom, but moist and delicious
  • Whole Wheat Apple Muffins
    • Nothing new here; added a little bit of nutmeg and cloves, though


  • Banana Cake with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing
    • Apparently the Magnolia Bakery recipe
    • 4 bananas, 2 Lindt white chocolate bars
    • 1 9-inch round cake (baked about 50 minutes?), 12 cupcakes (baked about 25 minutes and not sure if that was enough)
    • Not super happy with the white chocolate cream cheese icing, although other people seemed to like it; if I made the cake again, I’d probably use chocolate buttercream icing instead.

Books acquired

From Strand:

  • Letters to Max Beerbohm with a Few Answers, Siegfried Sassoon
  • Aspects of Love, David Garnett
  • Albergo Empedocle and Other Writings, E.M. Forster
  • Helena, Evelyn Waugh
  • The Letters of Evelyn Waugh (ed. Mark Amory)

Clothes acquired

AllSaints men’s shirt

Beautiful fashion


Note to self: Zdzisław Beksiński existed and painted some cool shit.

Also, some things I saw at the Brooklyn Museum that I thought were worth noting at the time:

Alas, I did not see (or taste) this guy.


Briefly fell down the Chris Pine interview rabbit hole post-Wonder Woman (have I mentioned how much I hate my relationship to celebrity culture and how powerless I am to change it?) and this was delightful:

Also I’m going through…something…with Oasis right now. I love that this is a thing that got released; the level of pettiness on display here is both cringe-worthy and hilarious:


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