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This playlist:


Current shows: Alone Together, A.P. Bio, Atlanta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Champions, Good Girls, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Jessica Jones, Lucifer, Riverdale, The Americans, UnREAL

Non-current shows: American Vandal

Stand-up: Richard Pryor: Live & Smokin’, Chris D’Elia: Man on Fire, James Acaster: Repertoire (episodes 1-2)

Clothing acquired

Fabulous Topman jacket
Gap pants

DC finally got to me. Still at least a blue Oxford and a pair of boat shoes away from going the full Georgetown, though.

Gap sweater

Also another Gap sweater that was like $10 final sale and I can’t find it on their website


Various indie bands @ DC9 Nightclub, March 3

  • I basically just wanted an excuse to leave my apartment and the bands did not seem too terrible when I sampled their most popular tracks on Spotify, so I paid $12 to go to this. Got to the venue way too early (my eternal curse) and was the only person there who was not in one of the bands and/or a friend of the band oops. Trying out this strategy of wearing red lipstick and a pleather jacket when I go out to these things alone so that I seem cool and enigmatic rather than a weird loner when I’m just standing around waiting for things to start, but who knows if I’m actually projecting as much confidence as I think.
  • Who were these bands? Mundy, Cinema Hearts, Cold Fronts, and High Waisted. They were all…fine—not terrible, not amazing? Mostly kind of generic indie rock that hasn’t necessarily established a super distinct personality outside of each group’s major influences? But they were all energetic enough performers that it was still fun to see them live, even if I might not listen to their current discography. I am curious to see how Cinema Hearts develops, because they probably had the most interesting concept happening and some of the catchier songs (“Fender Factory” and “I Saw Her (In Your Spotify)”)–also it would be cool to see a NoVa band blow up.

K.Flay @ 9:30 Club, March 12

  • Oh man, this was great. Had a pretty solid view of the stage (standing in general admissions area, and only ~5 rows of people in front of me?) and I made a concert buddy (okay, fine, I can’t actually take credit for this great social achievement–some random woman started talking to me and I just went with the flow. We did not actually exchange names despite making like an hour’s worth of small-talk, and I guess that’s, like, fine? The main two purposes of a concert buddy are holding your spot so you can go to the restroom and helping stave off boredom between sets, right?)
  • Any hipster cred I could claim from saying that I’ve been following K.Flay since 2008 is immediately counteracted by the very uncool fact that in 2008 K.Flay was featuring on nerdcore rap tracks (specifically, tracks on MC Lars and YTCracker’s “Digital Gangster LP”). It has been a fascinating musical journey from that to having songs used on two consecutive episodes of NBC’s Good Girls (among other things, I’m sure).
  • YUNGBLUD was the opener, and yeah, super excited about his future. Total Arctic Monkeys vibes–maybe to the point of being derivative, but there are certainly worse bands to derive from.
  • K.Flay did a cover of “Flagpole Sittah” at one point, which: omggg. Totally unexpected and great. i’m not usually moved to sing along at concerts (it somehow seems disrespectful or not to the point when you’re paying to see someone else sing or maybe I’m just too lame/cold/self-conscious) but this absolutely got to me.
  • The stage presence of both performers–amazing. I guess this is why it’s worth seeing young-ish musicians in their prime. (YUNGBLUD probably hasn’t hit his prime yet, since he hasn’t even released a full album, but man, that 19-year-old energy)

Judas Priest @ The Anthem, March 18

  • Exquisite crowd. I was worried about heading the wrong direction out of L’Enfant Plaza, but then I spotted a tiny child in a leather Priest jacket and a long haired man in patched leather pants, and my fears were quelled. Thank god for daylight savings, because the sight of this particular crowd descending on the insanely preppy Wharf in broad daylight is something I will cherish.
  • First opener: Black Star Riders. Whatever—they were fine. I walked in as they were playing a cover of “Jailbreak” (although does it count as a cover if it’s being performed by a band composed of the members of Thin Lizzy?) and that was a pretty great feeling
  • Second opener: Saxon. They played all of the songs you’d want them to play, and I’m frankly not familiar with their discography outside of those. Cute (?) moment when Biff Byford (the lead singer) borrowed a denim jacket from an audience member and put it on to perform “Denim & Leather.”
  • Judas Priest, though. Rob Halford is still such a baller and supporting evidence for my Cool Bald Theory (see also: Pet Shop Boys, Joe Satriani)–conquering the embarrassment of aging publicly with purposeful baldness. Consider how much cooler bald Rob Halford now seems than the long-haired Biff Byford, even though both men were born in 1951. Halford apparently rode onstage on a motorcycle for one of the songs, but alas, couldn’t actually see it from where I was standing. Also, Rob Halford’s chainmail + leather jacket (!) — again, wish I had a better view to see his costume changes, because I think there were quite a few different jackets happening over the set.

Mashina Vremeni @ GWU Lisner Auditorium, March 24

  • Not necessarily the Russian rock legends I’d most want to see, but barring access to an actual time machine1, they’ll certainly do. Pretty sure every middle-aged Russian person in the greater DC metropolitan area was here? Even though I wasn’t actually familiar with the group’s discography going in, it was pretty amazing to see the entire audience standing and singing along to “Povorot“–they were so into it and I was so into them! Maybe that’s voyeuristic of me, but fuck it.

1. Idk that anyone potentially reading this will get that this is a dual-language pun and also an oblique reference to the death of Viktor Tsoi and disbanding of Nautilus Pompilius. Please appreciate the thought that went into it, though! ^

Beautiful fashion

Beautiful art

I went to the Art Institute of Chicago and took pictures of a bunch of plaques to remind myself to look up the works later, but I’m probably too lazy to go through all of them now. Here are some of them! Maybe next time I’ll move beyond the 17th century!


Also, this is old, but lol:

James Blunt’s twitter game is so strong.



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